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This is done so well! It makes me interested in seeing a fuller episode type thing about this character

really great, I love all your animations. Actually you were the person that got me started on jojo lol so good work! This one could use better audio but its really great seeing you make more animations :D

WINprince responds:

Thank you freind! I'm glad you like it :)

could've made a bitcoin joke for that last one. hyuck

You should toy with making the backgrounds slightly less saturated so your characters stand out better, and play with line weights too, I think it would improve your already very decent animations :D

This was absolutely fantastic :D The only thing I'd say needs improvement is the line quality and voice acting could be a little better. While not completely necessary, increasing your frames per second would give it a very professional look. The jokes were great and and so was everything else :D Goooooood job!

EgoRaptor style.

About 7 minutes of content made into 12 minutes by way too fucking much slow motion. Makes it realllllly hard to watch. Other than that, really good stuff.

It was fantastic all around, up until the part with the furry. I'll be nice in my review and pretend like I never saw that. Art style was really interesting even though most "graphic whores" would concider it to be lacking, feel like it fits the setting perfectly. The story is a little vague, but if it's fleshed out too much it might not be so mysterious anyway. goooood work.

I enjoyed it.

We need more League of Legends stuff. It's short, and random, but original.

It's short, and rough but still good.

It's going in a cool/interesting direction, the voice acting does need some work. I like the selection of music, and I know with animating it can be a hastle to get everything done on time but please take more time to flesh out the art, (particularly the characters themselves seem a little rough). And most of all never feel discouraged :) good luck, would like very much to see part 2!

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